Having received plans from an architect for the construction of small houses for two young adults who have to leave the children's home due to their age (our "housing project"), we startet building the first two houses in September 2015.

Due to over-fertilization in the area, the water of the fountain can no longer be used as drinking water. Therefore, a new fountain had to be constructed near the children's home, which is intended to ensure a permanent supply of drinking water.

Our chairmen Wilfried visited the Asarana-Sarana-Welfare-Orphanage in September 2015 and talk about the needs and the next steps.

To simplify our work in Sri Lanka we registered an organisation „Lanka-Kinderhilfe“ in the country.

Meanwhile our club exists since more than 10 years and has 100 members. During this time more then 200.000 € were spend for a couple of projekts in Sri Lanka.