Who we are: 

The club SriLanka-Kinderhilfe e.V. was founded in August 2003 and is located in St. Katharinen (Neuwied, Germany). The club got acknowledgement from the responsible revenue office in Neuwied as a non-profit-organisation. Membership subscriptions and donations can be deducted as extraordinary expenses from income tax in Germany.

Apart from about 100 members in Germany there are three notaries from Sri Lanka, by the names of Saman de Silva, Yamuna Subhashini Dissanayake and Nihal Perera, members of the club. They honorary support the club on-site and provide it with regular information about the use of donations in Sri Lanka at no cost.

The statute of the SriLanka-Kinderhilfe e.V. can be find here.

Our aims:

The club SriLanka Kinderhilfe e.V. developed out of mere private activity, supporting needy children and youth to become independent. At first the club will give children a chance for the future and to help them on their way in the independence.

The partnership fees are used for: 

  • nutrition
  • health
  • education
  • clothing

Apart from improvement of the food situation and a useful health care by doctors and dentists in Sri Lanka, is the purchasing of teaching materials and suitable regional clothing the priority of your support.

The main project:

In the first step the "Asarana Sarana Welfare Orphanage" is supported. It is a facility in Udahenegama / Sri Lanka led by the Buddhist monk S. Sangharathana and about 50 abandon children and orphans have been living there like a family in the meantime. In the first place they get love and warmth from the monk. The children’s home is located in a rural region, about 4 hours by car north of the capital Colombo.  Meanwhile all children attend a public school.

Donations given by individuals, whole families, clubs and companies allowed to build a new building with an appropriate dormitory for the children and separate rooms for a vocational training centre.

Furthermore an unused area beside the children’s home was prepared for planting. Local agrarians cultured this area to improve the supply with local vegetables. For the necessary irrigation a water hole not usable for human consumption is used.

The critical supply with drinking water was solved by the construction of a new biologically filtered water hole. This operation solved the perennially supply not only for the children’s home but also for families in their neighborhood.

With our "housing project" we give a perspective for the adolescents who have to leave the orphanage at the age of 18 years. We acquired a suitable property on which we will provide them an easy hut with a garden. The aim is to avoid a sudden break-off with the orphanage and in particular with the vocational training centre.

Where we get the money from:

The club SriLanka-Kinderhilfe e.V. would be pleased about all forms of support. As a member you commit to transfer the annual membership fee of 10,00 Euro. A part of the membership fee is used to cover the necessary administrative costs; the remaining amount goes to projects in Sri Lanka.

Independent from a club membership you can also take a partnership for projects necessary to improve the situation for all inhabitants of the home by an annual donation of 60,00 Euro.


If you have questions about the club please send an email to SriLanka-Kinderhilfedo not copy and be happy@webdot or no dot.de.

Banking details

        Raiffeisenbank Neustadt eG
                IBAN DE76 5706 9238 0000 2079 92
                BIC GENODED1ASN